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What is Hydro dermabrasion?

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest in skincare, utilizing the healing powers of oxygen and water to exfoliate, no "sandpaper" wands are required. It is virtually pain-free and suitable for all skin types for ultra-hydration. The crystal-free dermabrasion wand uses a high velocity of water and oxygen at a high speed to remove dead skin. The blood circulation from the treatment encourages collagen production and the production of elastin. Not only is this the holy grail to anti-aging it can help banish blackheads, dark shadows, and scarring.

The importance of exfoliation in your beauty regime is stressed by skin experts which is why microdermabrasion has become a household name. We fight a daily battle of pollution, office air-conditioning, and hot lava oozing out of our heads because of a 24 hour day restriction. If the keratin is not often removed, the pores will be severely clogged, resulting in skincare products not being absorbed.

Diamond Microdermabrasion and Hydradermabrasion are the two common types of facials. They both have similar gestures and are used to exfoliate, promote collagen, and even skin tone. One of the top tips for healthy skin is a Hydradermabrasion facial – it uses the healing powers of water to lift out impurities whilst Microdermabrasion is a traditional method that uses micro-crystals to scrub away nasties.

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