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Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover

Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover
Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover
Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner RemoverElectric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner RemoverElectric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner RemoverElectric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner RemoverElectric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover
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Product nameFacial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover
Color classificationwhite, red, black
Size3 * 16.5 * 4.8cm
Applicationfacial cleansing pores and dirt
Power input5v / 1A
FeaturesBlackhead suction device
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2020-04-06
Detail Information
Electric Facial Acne Blackhead Cleaner Remover
   Multifunctional compact blackhead cleaner is a multi-functional beauty instrument that combines dermabrasion, firming, cleansing pores, removing acne, blackheads, and acne. It uses more than 100,000 natural mineral microcrystalline diamond particles to cooperate with a vacuum. The aspirator removes the dirt on the aging epidermis and pores in the outer layer, making the pores thinner in time, the skin tone white and even and smooth. This is a non-invasive and non-irritating technology. The thickness of the diamond on the suction rod To control the depth of the microdermabrasion. At the same time, five different shapes of probes have four different functions, which combine dermabrasion, firming and pore cleaning.

Blackhead suction device working principle

  Vacuum pressure lifting v face technology

1. A vacuum suction system, which gently lifts and massages the skin, promotes blood and lymph circulation, promotes metabolism, enables the dermal tissue to be adequately nutritious, and makes the skin more compact and shiny;

2. Enhancing the skin's permeability, so that the beauty liquid can penetrate into the skin tissue regenerating, thereby improving the skin's moisture and making the skin brighter and shiny;

3. Promote the production of collagen fibers by collagen fibroblasts, strengthen the skin's defense ability, avoid free radical damage to the skin, and keep the skin firm and elastic;

4. Promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, enhance the skin's immunity and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, prevent melanin from depositing on the face, keep the skin bright, and make the skin healthier;

5. Improve the skin microcirculation and promote the metabolism of melanin, thereby reducing the melanin spots on the skin.
Microcrystalline probe:

    The natural mineral microcrystalline diamond particles on the microcrystalline probe can gently remove the cuticle and make the skin smoother and more radiant. It will gently remove rough surfaces and debris. At the same time, it has an adsorption function, which can suck out the dirt on the skin, promote the blood circulation while removing skin cells, help the cells to regenerate naturally, keep the skin smooth and glow young.

· Working head can be replaced

· Indicator light power and 3-speed suction control

· Suction adjustment button

· USB charging interface

· 5 replaceable working heads, multiple functions

   It has a microcrystalline probe with microcrystalline diamond particles. The microcrystalline has a large surface area, and its surface adsorption performance and surface activity are quite outstanding. Without harming the skin, better massage the skin to achieve the effect of exfoliating, and let the skin rejuvenate!

Blackhead suction, firming function

   Large round mouth shampoo has strong suction. It has a significant effect on oily blackheads. Unique vacuum pressure suction mechanism, micro-pull and massage the skin, and deeply apply it to the bottom layer of the skin. Stimulate the microcirculation operation, promote blood and lymph circulation, and reproduce the compactness!
Clean pores

   The small round hole probe has weak suction, aiming the round hole at the location with blackheads, acne or acne, and remove dirt, bun oil and acne by targeted suction. It is not recommended if the acne is severely broken and swollen. If the blackhead is stubborn, a large round-hole probe is recommended. Suitable for thin and sensitive skin.

Fine lines

  Special oval eyelet design, micro-pull and massage for special areas such as eye corners, nose wings, and mouth corners that are easy to grow fine lines and difficult to care for. It deeply acts on the bottom layer of skin, stimulates microcirculation operation, and prevents deep wrinkles.

Product configuration

1.Host × 1

2 · Beauty head X 5

3 sponge x 5 + rubber ring x 2

4 · Charging cable × 1
Blackhead suction device 
Product  Name
Blackhead suction device
Product model
white,red, black
Power input
5v / 1A
3 * 16.5 * 4.8cm
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