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New Product:
5 in 1 HIFU Machine
Cost-effective, essential equipment for beauty salons, Facial Wrinkles, Lipo slim shape, Vaginal Tightening.
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  • logistics
    Fast worldwide logistics delivery
  • warranty
    13-month warranty policy
  • Online
    7 * 24 hours customer service online
  • Customized
    OEM/ODM service
  • Installment
    Installment acceptable
Cooperation mode
Way of working with Aesmed
OEM - Once you order more than 5 units, you will get a free OEM service. All you need is to provide your LOGO AI version file (*make sure there is no trademark infringement) and tell us the color (according to Pantone color), size, position (on the display; on the machine casing/shell and etc), font, etc. (*If the LOGO on the outer casing is colored, it may need to be renegotiated)..
Beauty salon
For the beauty salon or salon owner,We provide customs clearance assistance services through our extensive export experience to save money and taxes. Surly to receive the machine smoothly is the key importance with our assistance..
supplier of the e-commerce platform
Provide one-package issued service for small and medium-sized sellers of cross-border e-commerc;provide the cooperators with the related clients waterflow diversion by internet SEO Technology
Exclusive Agent
Exclusive agent: According to a signed exclusive agency contract, you will exclusively represent the related machines in the confirmed country market based on the agent contract. All the business chance of this confirmed market would be involved in. Others are prohibited to enter into this confirmed country market. (*Exclusive agents do and should have a good annual sales volume )..
Recruit after-sales Support
We're recruiting technical cooperation on after-sales support. No matter where you are, whatever you're a person or team, you're welcome to become our after-sales service center cooperators. Once joining us, you will behalf of us to accept the Customer maintenance processing as our after-sales support point. You also will have a ..
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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience,and an end product that is the best.
What if I find the goods damaged after I receive the goods?
The mainframe of all our machines is backed by a 13-month warranty. If within 30 days after receiving the goods (* according to the logistics receipt date as the actual receipt date), the machine is not working properly (non-human or other malicious acts), we are replacing the new machine for free; if the appearance is damaged, please take the..
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Do you offer OEM / ODM services?
Yes,Athmed has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to enable us to design and manufacture a wide range of new products to meet the buyer's requirements, providing our customers with the ability to label and design their products. If you have more than 5 orders, we will provide you with a free OEM service. What you need to provide to us is LOGO..
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What is the payment method?
We accept Western Union/installment/ bank transfer / PayPal / T / T as a purchase payment option, please communicate with our customer service in advance before you confirm the payment.
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Can the portable beauty machine achieve the effect of a large instrument?
Yes, the portable beauty equipment produced by Athmed & Aesmed Company not only has a beautiful appearance and small size but also has the same effect as the large machine after repeated testing by our company...
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